About Us

About Us

15 Years Of Experience in law

Nico Senjaya & Partners is one of the leading commercial Indonesia Law Firms. The firm was founded by a number of experienced Indonesian commercial, corporate and finance lawyers with skills across a broad range of legal practice areas. The office commenced its services in 2014. Nico Senjaya & Partners Law Firm was set up to provide legal services and professionals needed to resolve various legal issues. Nico Senjaya & Partners Law Firm has grown steadily to include a number of partners, lawyers and professional support staff all of who are distinguished in their respective areas of specialty and professionalism.

Nico Senjaya & Partners Indonesia Law Firms, Based on its vast experience in handling cases and developing the law with the help of advocates and legal consultants of Nico Senjaya & Partners Law Firm, we are committed to focus our efforts to implement and develop regulation.

In rendering its legal services, Nico Senjaya & Partners Indonesia Law Firms is supported by qualifications and licenses required in giving their legal services under Indonesian legal practice.

Always conscious of the desire to control costs, we strive to provide timely and accurate advice, to make our clients confident that we can deliver according to each of their needs. Our team is acknowledges as very knowledgeable in Indonesian commercial issues.

Armed with extensive experience of the Nico Senjaya & Partners Indonesia Law Firms understands the needs of clients and with the concept of One Stop Service, Nico Senjaya & Partners Law Firm resolve any legal issues with responsive and thorough promptly and comprehensively.

Founder & Managing Partner

Nico Senjaya, SH.MH

Nico Senjaya, S.H., M.H.


A Good Lawyer knows the Law. A Great Lawyer knows the Judge.

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